Star Singer's

Live Performer

Star Singer Shankar is one of the most popular Live Performer in Bangalore for Corporates. He also is one of the best Live Singer for Ghazal Events, Fusion Events, Festival Events. Star Singer Shankar and his team perform soulful Ghazals in Ghazal events and his show is called Sham-E-Bazm. He also is a very famous live singer for Weddings and Live Singer for Sangeet Sanddhya. Star Singer Shankar has also created many fusion projects like Saaz aur Awaaz, DJ Mash Up, Raagas Unplugged. He is thus a creative Live Singer for Fusion Shows.


He has also performed for many renowned Clubs like Bowring Club, Century Club, Karnataka Golf Club, Bangalore golf Club, Gymkhana Club, Karnataka State Cricket Association, Hockey Club, RMV Club, Cosmopolitan Club and many others. Star Singer Shankar is a famous Live Singer in many social and business clubs like Round Table, Rotary, Lion and BNI.

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