“Music is an outburst of the soul.” ― Frederick Delius

“Music is the strongest form of magic.” ― Marilyn Manson

“Music is the shorthand of emotion.” ― Leo Tolstoy

There are many among you who have a singer inside them, waiting to just burst out. But the singer has been pushed aside for other priorities in life. Let’s wake them up. Let’s nurture the singer inside you and let’s give your singing a Beautiful Makeover.

The Academy of Star Singer Shankar has been launched for those passionate singers who want to get mentored into the magical art of singing. These are short term courses focused to make you confident to perform in group of your friends, parties, corporate events and other social gatherings.


Key Highlights of the Course:

  • Training and mentoring by a well established singer and performer, Star Singer Shankar, who has done more then 2500+ stage shows ( Do check the website www.sankarlivemusic.com for more details)

  • The module will be completely online hence suitable for working professionals, housewives, students and others from any part of India and abroad

  • The course will aim to cover basic nuances of singing and performance on stage.

  • Step by step training on singing of one song of your choice from the list on the website.

  • You will get basic knowledge on vocal excercises.

  • You will get to understand the song situation, composition, lyrics and some of the pronunciations

  • You will learn the basic tune and then start working on the Mukhda and then Antara.

  • You will get expert audio feedback on your submitted recordings – one per song

  • The song list has various categories of songs including Solos & Duets.Wide selection of more then 500 songs from golden hits to latest

  • Students who are found exceptional by Star Singer Shankar will get a chance to share stage with him and perform live their trained song in one of his stage shows

  • Star Singer Shankar and Seasons Music and Entertainment will be doing a charity event for an NGO in 2019. Good students will get an opportunity to be part of this fund raising event.

Type of Courses and Fees

So you think you can sing – Master a song in 3 hours*

One time Registration of Rs. 1500/- ( $35 for Students Outside India)

SYS(Sing Your Song ) – Package 1

1. Each song will be covered in 4 classes of 45 mins each – One class per week –Timings can be scheduled depending on mutual convenience.
2. Charges – Rs.4100/- ( Paid in advance online) ( $75 for Students outside India)

SYS- Package 2

1. Each song will be covered in 4 classes of 45 mins each i– One class per week – Timings can be scheduled depending on mutual convenience.
2. Your song will be recorded in .mp3/.wav format in our studio by professionals. The song will be mixed and mastered by our team and will be handed over to you.
3. Charges – Rs.7500/- ( Paid in advance)

Please note :

1. You can get your own backing tracks OR can be purchased from us @Rs.500 per track
2. Extra sessions are available on request at the cost of Rs 850 per slot.

Pre-requisites for the student

1. Student needs to fill up the application form.


2. Student has to send any song of his/her choice recorded on mobile/ youtube/ with or without a karaoke track . The objective being to know how much the student has knowledge about the music and then the trainer can customizethe module.

3. Once the song is shared over email, the Academy will get back to the student for further process of scheduling the classes and payment procedures

4. Student should have a skype account with following mandatory requirements
• High speed broadband/4G connections
• A Decent Quality Webcam
• Microphone(for desktop)/Headset
• Speakers
• A silent room with good lighting and without any disturbance

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